Bhutan Trekking Packages

A form of walking undertaken to explore and enjoy the scenery is called trekking packages, it is a form of adventure which usually takes place in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness. A trip to Indian mountains signifies not only natural beauty but also a source of spiritual guidance. Beautiful Himalayas provide lovely opportunities for trekking. The beautiful Jomolharitrek of Bhutan offers a great diversity of Bhutanese landscape.

Beautiful Atmosphere

Crystal clear air and magnificent alpine views are offered by Bhutan Jomolhari trekking packages. There are many varieties of treks, some are short and suitable and are for beginners while others can be long and challenging, and requires exceptional fitness and preparation by the trekker. It is better to go for trekking with the guidance of a professional trekker and crew.

Tent Accommodation

Most of the treks in Bhutan use tent accommodation. A trained guide, a cook, an assistant and a number of horsemen accompany all trekking parties. Trekkers only need to carry their day pack for basic necessities such as

  • Spare cloths
  • Camera
  • Raincoat
  • Water bottle etc.

Support Crew

Support crew by walking ahead of the trekking party each day reaches the camp before the arrival of the trekkers and they welcome you with a hot cup of tea after the tiresome trekking in this beautiful kingdom. Support crew plans all meal carefully; they provide you hot tea or coffee in the morning to your tent along with a bowl of hot water for personal hygiene. You can make a plan for Dagala Thousand Trekking Packages.

Premium Bhutan Trekking Packages

There are many trekking packages in Bhutan that gives you premium trekking option which offers

  • Bigger tents
  • Foam mattresses
  • Fleece blanket
  • Folding camps
  • Other amenities.

Experience wondrous Bhutanese landscape

If you want to experience the alluring beauty of Bhutanese landscape, you must definitely go for trekking. More than 80% of the landscape in Bhutan is covered with forests. Most of the trek routes in Bhutan are running through protected areas.

Variety of trekking

There are short soothing walks through terraced fields as well as idyllic hamlets to some of the most arduous high altitude treks. The best season for trekking in Bhutan is spring and autumn. These seasons attract many tourists.

Things you will be supplied

Trekking company will supply you with 2 men sleeping tents, dining tents, toilet tents, kitchen tents and utensils. You need to carry your own sleeping bags. Bhutan has no trekking store from where you can buy or rent one. Thus, you need to buy this from your place.

Bhutan Trekking food

On trek, you will be provided with 3 meals a day, breakfast, hot lunch serve on the way and dinner at the campsite added with evening tea and snacks. No fresh foods are available on trek and all supplies are taken from the trek’s starting point. For first few days fresh foods will be supplied to you but on longer treks, there is no fresh foods available and you have to manage with tinned foods.

Fitness level for trekking in Bhutan

As the distance between the ranges is quite far Bhutan trekking is physically demanding. You need to walk 7-9 hours for 15-19 kilometers daily in order to reach the campsites. If you have an experience of walking 20-25 kms a day with back pack and you are free from any knee pain, then it is absolutely fine for you.

Snowman Trek Packages give you the opportunity to pass through thick pine forests, alpine meadows and scattered hamlets. You will also be able to see fabulous views of snow capped mountains such as Mt. Jomolhari and Mt. jichu Drake.