Our priority

At Bhutan Bokar Tour we consider promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly Bhutan tourism as a key responsibility.

As part of Bhutan’s tourism and hospitality industry, we realise that our environment and culture are the basic resources on which we thrive and grow.

That is why our priority is to ensure that while the tourism industry grows and flourishes it does so with minimum impact on the country’s pristine and protected environment and rich Buddhist heritage.

Bhutan Bokar Tours therefore believes in building partnerships and cooperation within the industry and with the government, visitors and local communities.

We make every effort to have local involvement so that rural communities also benefit from the industry and become partners in its sustainable growth.

Our Specialty

We are company that specialises in organising trekking tours in Bhutan for visitors coming from all across the globe. Since we joined the industry seven years ago we have organized hundreds of treks for tourists from the United States, Japan, Australia and many other western and European countries.

Bhutan Bokar believes that the best way to see and experience the uniqueness of Bhutan is by trekking through its beautiful and rugged landscape and meeting the diverse rural communities that live in the shadow of the majestic Himalayas.

Trekking in Bhutan is a unique and challenging experience so make sure you are up to it before deciding to embark on one.

Office location

Our head office is in the heart of town in the blessed and beautiful valley of Paro, the first sight you will see of this enchanting country, when flying in. Our office is a 15 -minute drive from Paro international airport.