The total population of Bhutan is just around 700,000. There are 18 ethnic groups in Bhutan. Majority of the people are Buddhists while some are Hindus and the rest Christians. There is much social harmony among the peoples of Bhutan. Most of Bhutan’s population still lives in rural areas where agriculture is the way of life. Few cities like Thimpu, Paro and Punakha has gradually urbanized.

Facilities of communication, transportation, electricity is well available across the country. Bhutanese are known for their honesty, hospitality and humor. Karma among Buddhists is a strong motivator in life and guides every aspect of Bhutanese people’s lives. Rice is the staple diet of Bhutan though wheat, buckwheat, barely, and maize are also important crops. Bhutanese love chillis. There are three major ethnic groups in Bhutan: Ngalongs, Sharchops, and the Nepalese. Sharchops are the oldest inhabitants of Bhutan. Nepalese migrated to Bhutan in the early 19th century as labors and settled their ever since.

The national dress of Bhutan for men is gho and for women is kira.